Tile 221B Kit

Outrider's GPS monitoring kit is specifically made for the kids, elders and people with special needs as opposed to other GPS tracking devices which were originally made for pets, assets or vehicles.

People's Safety

Specifically Designed for your loved ones safety

Our device offers the safety and well-being features necessary to effectively protect your loved ones who are more vulnerable and need a monitoring device that is accurate and reliable.

The Benefits

We realize that caregiving for people with special needs and school going kids can be difficult. We want to help you with that. Our kit brings ease into the lives of caregivers and loved ones.

Greater Independence While Going Out

With increased safety, the freedom to be independent bolsters confidence for people with special needs and children

Peace of Mind

Caregivers deserve some mental satisfaction and need not be on their toes on all times. We empathize with that

Increased Safety

While going out of familiar surroundings, the risk of wandering or mishaps should be minimized. That is what we are here for

Human Centric Product

Through our primary research and pilot testing, we have developed a practical and feasible solution for monitoring your loved ones

Value for Money

We don't have the cheapest or the smallest GPS tracker, but definitely have unmatched features at reasonable prices

Proven Technology

Lesser dependency on caregivers


Tile 221B

24*7 Live Monitoring

Always know where your loved ones are on the map, realtime

Emergency SOS Button

Instantly know if your loved ones are in trouble when they press the SOS button on the device

Multiple Guardians

Each user can have multiple guardians with view only access in addition to the main guardian who can make changes to settings as well as view. You can also assign then as emergency contacts who can be alerted in case of emergencies

Geo-Fencing Safe Zones

Easy-to-setup geofences help you know as soon as your loved ones enter or exit the safe boundaries

Long Lasting History

Through our app, you can see the maps and route for any date and time in the past. So you can know, even if you're not always attentive

Share Live Location

You can either share the live location with someone temporarily or even look back to the route and location of the device on any date and time in the past

how it works

Our GPS monitoring kit is specifically designed for your loved ones convenience

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Set Up

Just charge the device and do the one time setup in less than 5 mins. Our mobile application is extremely easy to set up and user-friendly

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Your loved one carries the GPS tracker which is non-removable, secure and equipped with sensory-friendly accessories. It can be detached only with a special magnetic key that is given to the caregiver

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You can monitor the device seamlessly from our mobile application. It is easy-to-use, intelligent and pro-active

Inserting GPS
Connecting Pins
Positions to attach 1
Positions to attach 2

tech specs

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the tracker. We’ve used latest technology & quality materials




Our Testimonials

Don’t take our word, see what our users have to say about the device.

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This device came to me at the correct time as we have set up a living group home for adults and this device can be used effectively here. It can be used to assure parents when they walk out as a tracking link is immediately sent to them.

~Sangeeta Jain

Vice Prinicipal of Sorem School for Special Needs
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I used the SOS Button for my father extensively, as a Call Me Feature. It is a really useful feature for senior citizens especially. It is simple to use and helps me a lot!

Sanjay Kimbahune

Senior Scientist at TCS Research
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My son is 21 and has autism. I believe it is very useful for parents. The concept is great and it was really user friendly! Thankyou so much outrider for this device.

Sneh Devgan

Mother of Child with Autism
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My Mother-in-law often tries to wander away. I piloted the device with Outrider and absolutely loved it! Absolutely recommend it to people.

Jasmin Shah



Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to info@outrider.live

How does it work?

Your loved one needs to carry the device with them, and the caregiver/user can monitor the device seamlessly once you have paired the device with your account in the mobile application. Your loved one can easily carry the device with the help of our accessories that make carrying it seamless. However, the device needs to be charged from time to time.

Is my information secure?

Outrider only collects the information that you give us. It is our top most priority that the user operates our device without worrying about their privacy getting compromised. So as to secure the user of his details we have developed the device, website, the app and its mechanism with adequate attention and sufficient caution. Special MFF2 Grade E-Sims are used for security purpose.

What if the device is not sending a location or the location isn’t changing?

In such cases, keep the GPS tracker in an open area in your home for example, your balcony or terrace . It should be kept in an area away from moisture and sunlight. The GPS tracker works better when it is in an open area as compared to low network areas like indoors.

How often do I need to charge my device?

The battery life of your device depends on the refresh rate that you have set – the higher the duration, the quicker it needs to be charged. When Refresh Rate is set on Default, you should get an estimated 30 hours of battery life depending on usage. The application on your phone sends you notifications when the battery of the device falls below 30%, 20%, 5% and Discharge.

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meet the team

We are a small group of inventors, coders, marketors and designers from the differrent parts of the India on a mission.

Ajay Mittal

Ajay Mittal

Founder and CEO
Prasham Shah

Prasham Shah

Lovish Garg

Lovish Garg

Pritish Agarwal

Pritish Agarwal

Chethan J. Kulkarni

Chethan J. Kulkarni


Outrider App

The Tile 221B connects to your iPhone and other iOS devices using Secret Code, alerting you to SOS Call, Geofence Breaches, Speed Alerts.

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