In the times where crime rates are reaching on a crescendo, Outrider comes as a sigh of relief for parents, guardians and other care givers ensuring safety and protection of the ward concerned. After being entrusted so much hope by the above mentioned persons it becomes our top most priority to ensure that the user operates our device sans souci or without any worry of his/her privacy/identity/user data getting compromised.

So as to secure the user of his details we have developed the device, website, the app and its mechanism with adequate attention and sufficient caution after regular circumspection and coordination with our legal team.


  • COMPLIANCE WITH STATUTORY REGULATIONS –  Outrider Tech Pvt. Ltd. does not deal, permit, authorise and recognise any production, distribution, sales and usage by any business or consumer of its products in any other country other than India and therefore complies with domestic standards of privacy regulations and rather goes beyond the statutory recommendations to provide its users more safety and security.

  • LEGAL AND ACCEPTABLE USE –  The object of our product is merely guardian to ward safety as defined under the Terms of Service document of Outrider.

  • ILLEGAL AND UNACCEPTABLE USE –  No user can use the product for acts prohibited in India by the (a) Indian Penal Code and other such special legislations or use our product and services for any other (b) malafide and malicious purposes.
    Such can be the acts of

    1. Installing the device without informing the same to the ward – The ward should be informed of the potential and usage of the device, he should also be given the access to terms of service and be shown the last para of terms and service which is written for a better understanding.
    2. Stalking – Stalking of male and female both are prohibited. Though Stalking a male is not an offence under the laws of India but they fall in the latter category of malicious usage.
    3. Espionage – In case of Espionage against the State (as defined under Article 12 of the Constitution of India) or corporate espionage.
    4. Using our product for preparation or conspiracy of the crime, and other such acts are absolutely prohibited.
    5. Other acts on the like of footing

  • PROMPT INFORMATION TO OUTRIDER –  In case any person feels violated by a user incorporating Outrider’s product, the person so violated is supposed to inform Outrider’s team as soon as possible.

  • STAY AND TERMINATION –  The management of Outrider will take cognizance of the matter in the quickest response possible. If there seems to be a violation on the plain reading of the complaint or the management feels so for the reasons to be recorded and conveyed to the user in question shall deactivate the operations of the user in question.

    The management will examine the matter at its own instance make the final decision. The final decision will be either (i) Restoring the operations if no case of violation of law or malicious use is made out or (ii) Termination of the services and permanently deactivate the account if there is a case made out which includes either violation of the law of the land or malicious use.

    The decision of the management will be final and binding and no compensation whatsoever will be provided to the defaulter on such deactivation of service.


  • INFORMATION FOR ACCOUNT ACTIVATION –  For account activation the user has to fill the basic information which includes

    1. Name of the Guardian
    2. Birth date of the guardian
    3. Occupation of the guardian
    4. Phone Number of the guardian
    5. Email of the guardian
    6. Mailing address of the guardian
    7. Name of the Ward
    8. Birth date of the ward
    9. Grade of study of the ward
    10. Gender of the ward.
    11. Relation between Guardian and the ward (From the options provided)
    12. Object and purpose of usage.
    13. Details of the sim of in the product.

  • UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION CODE (UIC) –  After verification of the same a Unique Identification Code shall be generated and the guardian shall be known and interacted for the purpose of the services by Outrider through that Unique Identification Code only.

  • NO THIRD PARTY ACCESS TO USER DATA –  The information provided by the user shall not be delivered to any third party without the consent of the user.

  • AMENDMENT IN THE INFORMATION –  At any point of time can the user conform to the following procedure to get the information updated or amended. The

  • RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN –  At any point of time can the user contact us to get his account deactivated and the entire information shall be deleted from our servers.

  • COMPROMISED ACCOUNT –  Despite all our checks and balances in place, if the user feels that his account has been compromised in any way he can contact us and we shall put a stay on the operation of the particular account the complainant user owns.The temporary deactivation will be done with immediate effect on receipt of information without any inquiry.Further for customer service we can also inquire into his suspicion and aid him to know whether or not the account has been compromised.We shall supply the information which will not be binding upon the user and the user can make any such decision that he/she deems fit.

  • NO VOICE RECORDING –  The presence of microphone in the device is merely for the guardian to know the real time situation of the ward. The voice is not getting recorded in any central server of Outrider Tech Pvt. Ltd.

  • NO CENTRAL TRACK LOCATION –  The interaction between the device provided by Outrider with the user’s mobile phone is end to end encrypted and like the voice recording, even the location of the ward is not recorded.

  • RECORDING ON USER’S DEVICE –  Any recording of the voice, location or any other recording may be feasible on the user’s node. The Company shall not be held liable in case such records get c ompromised, leaked or enter into the public domain. It is to make absolutely clear the Outrider is not recording real time location and real time conversation of the user.


  • USAGE AND LOG INFORMATION –  We collect service-related, diagnostic, and performance information. This includes information about your activity (as to how you use our services, log files, and diagnostic, crash, website, and performance logs and reports.

  • TRANSACTIONAL INFORMATION –  If you pay for our Services, we may receive information and confirmations, such as payment receipts, including from app stores or other third parties processing your payment.

  • DEVICE AND CONNECTION INFORMATION –  We collect device-specific information when you install, access, or use our Services for diagnostics and troubleshooting purposes.

  • COOKIES –  We use cookies to operate and provide our Services, including to provide our Services that are web-based, to improve your experiences, understand how our Services are being used, and customize our Services.


  • OUR SERVICES –  We operate and provide our Services, including providing customer support, and improving, fixing, and customizing our Services. We understand how people use our Services, and analyze and use the information we have to evaluate and improve our Services, research, develop, and test new services and features, and conduct troubleshooting activities. We also use your information to respond to you when you contact us. We use cookies to operate, provide, improve, understand, and customize our Services.

  • SAFETY AND SECURITY –  We verify accounts and activity, and promote safety and security on and off our Services, such as by investigating suspicious activity or violations of our Terms, and to ensure our Services are being used legally.

  • NO THIRD-PARTY BANNER ADS –  We do not allow third-party banner ads on our website. We have no intention to introduce them, but if we ever do, we will update this policy.

V. Third Party affiliation

  • No supply of information –  We do not supply the user information to any third party and neither do we intend to do so, but in case for providing better customer service or added features we need to do so in the future we shall take the requisite consent of the party.

  • Third-Party Providers –  The only third-party provider help us operate is Bharti Airtel Limited, which allows us the usage of its SIM in the Outrider’s device to make it functional for the purposes of real time tracking, SOS function, boundary alarm and activating microphone.

VI. Law and Protection

  • We may collect, use, preserve, and share your information if we have a good-faith belief that it is reasonably necessary to: (a) respond pursuant to applicable law or regulations, to legal process, or to government requests; (b) enforce our Terms and any other applicable terms and policies, including for investigations of potential violations; (c) detect, investigate, prevent, and address fraud and other illegal activity, security, or technical issues; or (d) protect the rights, property, and safety of our users.

  • We shall also keep updating our policy to comply with statutes, regulations, bye laws and notifications that may get enforced in India from time to time.

  • We also reserve rights of updating the policy by way of deletion, addition and amendment in user’s interest and the same shall be published before its implementation.

Outrider Tech is a private limited company and offers products and services revolutionising personal security solutions market. The instant terms of service document will take you through the services we provide and the way by which we provide it.


  1. User and Object - There will be 2 entities involved in the operation of the product, one will be the user who shall be the supervisor and shall be facilitated with the requisite information via app and web services about the intended object.

    For Example – The Guardian is the User and its kindergarten going toddler is the Object, a Manager is the User and its trucks are the objects, the pet owner is the user and its pet is the object.

  2. Company - Company hereby means Outrider Tech Pvt Ltd.


  • 24*7 REAL TIME LOCATION TRACKING –  The user will be able to track the real time location of the object one is concerned with. (For example, the ward is in school, or is dropped at a friend’s party. The parent without calling the concerned people again and again can ensure the location and safety of the ward by operating the app.)

  • GEO FENCING –  The user can set dimensions of the areas which he believes the concerned object will be accessing in the due course to meet the purpose of its visit through the app. If the object breaches those dimensions the user will be notified with immediate effect affording adequate time to the user to exercise course of action.

    • For example, if the ward is dropped at the school and no on site visit for the students is arranged on that particular day, the parent can set the dimensions of the school, if the child moves away from the school premises, or is made to move away from the school premises the user - guardian will be notified with immediate effect of its object - ward.

    • Example 2 – For companies dealing in logistics, if the carrier has to reach from point A to B and via NH 7, the same route can be marked, deviation of any kind by the object - carrier will be notified to the user - company.

  • VOICE SURVEILLANCE –  For further reassurance of the object, the user can also get access to real time voice around it. This helps to assure the user or the person in charge of the object of 100% safety of the object.

    • Example – The Guardian can assure that the ward is sitting in the classroom or is amidst his/her friends only and not any unwanted people that can cause harm in any way to the ward.

  • SOS –  Save Our Soul feature is the last resort for your ward in case he/she gets into any situation where he/she desires to seek help he can press the SOS button given on the device. It can be any predicament such as bullying, scuffle, assault, battery, abduction, corporal punishment and likewise.

  • SMART ANALYSIS –  On the request of the user, the app can record on the user’s device daily activity of the object and perform smart analysis in case of routine deviations.


  1. Downloading the app –  Registration is pertinent for the activation of the services, the user must download the Outrider app that is available on android and iOS devices.

  2. Registration on the app –  Outrider provides multiple services (for example Guardian to Ward Security, Pet Security, Logistics tracking solutions etc). The user is to select the category for which the product and service is sought.

  3. Registration on Web Services –   The registration can also be done on the official website of in the alternative, but registration and usage of app is recommended for better and more reliable experience.

  4. Uploading bonafide details –  After selecting the preferred purpose for which the service is sought a specific set of information will be asked for (for different purposes separate set of information will be asked. For example, for logistical security the information sought will be the details of the user and the registered vehicle)

  5. Self-declaration –  The registration will end with a self-declaration confirming that all the details uploaded are true to the best of knowledge of the user and the user shall not be using the product with malafide objectives and will not violate any law in force in India at the time of use.


Though Outrider is a new player in security solutions but envisages to be one of the most credible ventures in prospects of customer satisfaction, the following is our generous maintenance and replacement policy against the electronic damage that the product has suffered.

  1. 6 Months Cover Period –  Our Company’s maintenance cover will expire at the end of 6 months (180 days) from the date of activation (Activation by registration as mentioned in Clause II of the terms of service)

  2. Contact Customer Care –  The helpline contacts will remain available in the Company’s app and website. The user/customer is supposed to contact at the earliest when he/she faces any issues with the operation of the product itself and must describe the issue he/she is facing with our product.

  3. Determination by Customer Care –  The Customer Care executive will within 24 hours revert to the user/customer to confirm if the user’s issue is covered under our maintenance and replacement policy or not.

  4. Repair –  If the issue faced by the user falls under the policy the Company will make all such efforts to repair the product and make available the repaired product to the customer as early as possible if the product is in the 6-month cover period.

  5. Replacement if repair not possible –  If repairing the product is not possible the company shall make available the customer a new piece of the product.

  6. Proviso –  The Company provides the 6 months cover provided that the damage is not caused by water, heat and damage that is inflicted physically. The company shall also not be obliged under this clause (Clause III) if the product is tampered with.

  7. Third Party Maintenance –  The customer waives its 6 months maintenance cover (or whatever is left of it on the day such a third party maintenance is procured ) as envisaged in Clause III of the Terms of Service when a third party maintenance of any form is sought.

  8. Bonafide disclosure –  Before Customer Service accepts to provide the customer any benefits under this clause the customer shall be sent a mail which will ask him/her to affirm that his/her conduct is in consonance to Clause III (v.) and (vi) and the same are not invoked. In case the company later finds out that the disclosure was not absolute and in good faith the company holds the discretion to rescind contractual relations with the customer and ix. Pickup and Delivery – The pickup and delivery of the impugned product will be made known to the user/customer by the customer care executive (The objective of variable method of pickup and delivery is for customer satisfaction, only the best suited method will be opted by our customer care executives in consultation with the user/customer)abrogate providing any benefit to the customer under this clause.

  9. Pickup and Delivery –  The pickup and delivery of the impugned product will be made known to the user/customer by the customer care executive (The objective of variable method of pickup and delivery is for customer satisfaction, only the best suited method will be opted by our customer care executives in consultation with the user/customer)


  1. Arbitration –  Any claim, dispute or difference relating to or arising out of this Agreement shall be referred to the arbitration, of a sole arbitrator. The arbitration shall be subject to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as may be amended from time to time.

  2. Sole Arbitrator and Procedure –  The parties by their mutual consent, will appoint the Sole Arbitrator and will conduct the Arbitration in accordance with rules for conduct of Arbitration proceedings as deemed fit by the sole arbitrator applicable to the proceeding.

  3. Arbitral Seat –  The seat and venue of arbitration shall be UT of Chandigarh. The proceedings shall be undertaken in English. The arbitration award shall be final and binding on the parties.

  4. Fast Track Arbitral Proceedings –  Preference shall be given to conduct the proceedings in a fast track manner as contemplated in Section 29B of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 but the proceedings shall be conducted in a fast track manner only after the consent of the both the parties.


  1.  You must use our Services according to our Terms and posted policies. If we disable your account for a violation of our Terms, you will not create another account without our permission.

  2. Legal and Acceptable Use –  You must access and use our Services only for legal, authorized, and acceptable purposes. You will not use (or assist others in using) our Services in ways that:

  3.  (a) violate, misappropriate, or infringe the rights of Outrider, our users, or others, including privacy, publicity, intellectual property, or other proprietary rights; (b) are illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful, racially, or ethnically offensive, or instigate or encourage conduct that would be illegal, or otherwise inappropriate, including promoting violent crimes; (c) impersonate someone (d) involve any non-personal use of our Services unless otherwise authorized by us.

  4. Harm to Outrider or Our Users –  You must not (or assist others to) access, use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works based upon, distribute, license, sublicense, transfer, display, perform, or otherwise exploit our Services in impermissible or unauthorized manners, or in ways that burden, impair, or harm us, our Services, systems, our users, or others, including that you must not directly or through automated means: (a) reverse engineer, alter, modify, create derivative works from, decompile, or extract code from our Services; (b) send, store, or transmit viruses or other harmful computer code through or onto our Services; (c) gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to our Services or systems; (d) interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of our Services; (e) create accounts for our Services through unauthorized or automated means; (f) collect the information of or about our users in any impermissible or unauthorized manner; (g) sell, resell, rent, or charge for our Services; or (h) distribute or make our Services available over a network where they could be used by multiple devices at the same time.

  5. Keeping Your Account Secure –  You are responsible for keeping your device and your Outrider User account safe and secure, and you must notify us promptly of any unauthorized use or security breach of your account or our Services.

You use our services at your own risk and subject to the following disclaimers. we are providing our services on an “as is” basis without any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, and freedom from computer virus or other harmful code. we do not warrant that any information provided by us is accurate, complete, or useful, or that our services will be operational, error free, secure, or safe, or that our services will function without disruptions, delays, or imperfections. we do not control, and are not responsible for, controlling how or when our users use our services or the features, services, and interfaces our services provide. we are not responsible for and are not obligated to control the actions or information of our users or other third parties. you release us, our subsidiaries, affiliates, and our and their directors, officers, employees, partners, and agents (together, the “outrider parties”) from any claim, complaint, cause of action, controversy, or dispute (together, “claim”) and damages, known and unknown, relating to, arising out of, or in any way connected with any such claim you have against any third parties. The outrider parties will not be liable in case of any third-party unauthorised access to the user information or modification thereof.

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