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LAP v1.1

Outrider's GPS monitoring kit is specifically made for the kids, elders and people with special needs as opposed to other GPS tracking devices which were originally made for pets, assets or vehicles.

GPS Tracker

Fastening Kit

Charging Cable & Manuals

Other Accessories

24*7 Live Monitoring

Always know where your loved ones are on the map, realtime

Geo-Fencing Safe Zones

Easy-to-setup geofences help you know as soon as your loved ones enter or exit the safe boundaries

Multiple Guardians

Each user can have multiple guardians with view only access in addition to the main guardian who can make changes to settings as well as view.

Long Lasting History

Through our app, you can see the maps and route for any date and time in the past.

Share Live Location

You can either share the live location with someone temporarily or even look back to the route and location of the device on any date and time in the past


Our device offers the safety and well-being features necessary to effectively protect your loved ones who are more vulnerable and need a monitoring device that is accurate and reliable.

More About the Product

" I have been part of the Beta Testing with the team and used it for my Father. It is simple to use and have great hopes with the team "

— Sanjay Kimbahune ( Senior Scientist at TCS Research )


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to info@outrider.live


Don’t take our word, see what our users have to say about the device.

Perfect Device

This device came to me at the correct time as we have set up a living group home for adults and this device can be used effectively here.

— Sangeeta Jain ( Vice Prinicipal of Sorem School for Special Needs)

Well Made

My Mother-in-law often tries to wander away. I piloted the device with Outrider and absolutely loved it! Absolutely recommend it to people.

— Jasmin Shah ( Housewife )

Easy to Use

My son is 21 and has autism. I believe it is very useful for parents. The concept is great and it was really user friendly! Thankyou so much outrider for this device.

— Sneh Devgan ( Mother of Child with Autism )