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Technology is part of our daily life. It's hard to decide what's best for you. After all, technology should make things easier, not complicated. Here are some apps for kids with special needs and some apps that can help their moms and dads too.

1) Hooked on Phonics (free installation)

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read uses a proven, simple and fun method to give your child a strong foundation in Phonics and reading skills. Each lesson takes 20 minutes or less.
Download: Hooked on Phonics for iOS | Android

2) AUMI (free installation)

What makes Aumi special is that it was designed not only with autistic people in mind bur also by and autistic developer. Aumi is a new app that helps you organise your mind and your day and reduce instances of burnout or meltdowns. Aumi is built to help you keep track of your mood and energy fluctuations and manage your anxiety without ‘punishing’ you if not consistent with your tracking.
Download: AUMI for iOS

3) Otsimo | Special Education AAC (free installation)

OTSIMO: SPECIAL EDUCATION AAC is organized into two sections: one for kids to play games, and one for parents to see data on the activities.The kid's section has 16 categories separated into topics like Homeschooling, Core Skills, Daily Life, Numbers, Vocabulary and more. Each category has several activities, like drawing or tracing shapes or letters. In the AAC category, kids can tap a picture icon that correlates to words, actions, and objects to create sentences and phrases. Then the device speaks the sentence for them. There are also some social stories with "how to" information about everyday activities such as sharing toys and washing hands.
Download: Otsimo for iOS | Android

4) Proloquo2Go (paid)

Proloquo2Go is an app designed to help teachers and therapists empower kids who have limited or no speech with an alternative way to communicate. It uses an adaptable, multi-size grid format to present images and words on "buttons." Buttons represent different groups of items, actions, "little words," and more.
Download: Proloquo for iOS

5) Special Words (paid)

Special Words is an app that seeks to teach word recognition, spoken language, attention and listening skills, in addition to hand-eye co-ordination. The app contains 96 words and pictures commonly used during early language development. Special Words can be used by parents, teachers, teaching assistants, speech & language therapists to enhance expressive and receptive language development.
Upon opening the application, you are presented with 6 activities; Match Pictures, Match Words, Word to Picture, Picture to Word, Sound to Picture and Sound to Word. Within each activity, you can differentiate between either 1,2,3 or 4 cards depending on developmental level.
Download: Special Words for iOS | Android

Have more app ideas that you enjoy using with your kids, please share them with us on our email.
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