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Our mind is assumed to be smartest of all being , but yet laughter yoga proved it wrong. You see our brain cannot differentiate between when you are laughing really or just faking it , interesting right.

How to perform it yourself:

  1. Start with easy peasy breezy warm up
  2. Clapping chanting like crazy
  3. body movements and eye contact
  4. Prepare your lungs for laughter
  5. Act and fool our minds
  6. Visualizing funny experiences
  7. Try incorporating some breathing exercises.

laughter medicine natural therapy lifeYou might ask why you should do it well. Laughter yoga comes with it's fair share of benefits like:- Relaxes the body and helps strengthen your heart and lungs. It helps with your mental health. We all know how bad it can get especially during a pandemic. People are said to overcome depression depression with it. So let's say buh bye to stress and a huge welcome to happiness.



It was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria in 1955 , Mumbai, India. Laughter is visually contagious isn't it I am sure you have been a victim of contagious laughter. 8000 laughter clubs in 65 countries and later it has gotten itself a huge following. Causes rise in Endorphins endorphins and serotonin serotonin levels. Provides internal massage to digestive track and increase in blood flow. Science of laughing is called Gelotology gelotology

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