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Communication is vital for humans, it’s an open exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings that helps us walk through life. And such communication in the relationship of parent and child is even more important that most of us know and think.

There are various aspects of this process, but something that is key is the ability of a child to express himself to the parent. A family can operate and work, not as a machine but rather as a unit, only if everyone is heard.Often, we neglect the real purpose of why its important children open up to their parents. This is how they can express their real needs and desires from life. And this is precisely why listening on part of the parents is key.
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When a parent listens, a child feels respected and validated, that what he thinks and feels isn’t neglected but instead encouraged. The need to be understood is predominant in children because they’re constantly conflicted and its often the lack of this communication, that leads them to close off or rebel, an extreme reaction but quite probable.

It’s this casual talking, acknowledging of each other’s individual lives that can help keep a mutually respectful relationship going. Life is busy for both parties, it’s easy to lose track and get consumed by other things. Parents so often go by their daily routine thinking they know exactly what they child is up to and children go on, believing their parents don’t ask as they’re not concerned or that they don’t care to understand. Hence, when children lash out parents think it is impulse and when they use strict acts to bring about order, the child confirms his belief that they don’t understand.

Children are told how to behave both at home and school, sometimes it gets overwhelming for them. Their development outside of home can say a lot about who they are, something the parent has to keep up with and inquire after. Eventually, children start to retaliate this empathy by understanding late work hours or missing dinners because work is difficult.

When there’s open conversation, the child is more confident, relatively happier and decisive. Having a support system helps him navigate life. As for parents, knowing where their kids are headed and why, gives them sense of security and comfort.

Communication when introduced early on in the relationship, leads to better and long-lasting impressions. Children close with their parents from the beginning tend to stay that way till the end. Hence, sitting at dinner its necessary to ask questions and not just speak of worldly affairs. This to and fro of words can help establish something that for many, takes a lifetime to make and mend.

A little bit of conversation can go a long way, for both you and your children, so that your relationship feels less like a contract and more like a meaningful bond.

Children with values of hard work, competence, self reliance and empathy, have the ability to navigate life more freely and happily. They take care of themselves and those around them, knowing that they hold the key to happiness and quality of life right in their palms. This is because not only do they dream big, they now possess everything within themselves to make it big!

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